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O'Keefe & Merritt Manual

Stove top

Classic O'Keefe & Merritt stoves are 21.5, 31.5, 34.5, 38.5, or 56 inches wide with white porcelain backsplashes. Most major size stoves, 38.5, have the clock housing on top of the backsplash that may contain culinary instructions or an additional clock timer,

These fabulous stoves also came in cherry red.

In addition other sizes were sold in the 30 and 40's.

The stove tops come with porcelain or chrome burner plates, with or without a griddle. The cast iron burner heads are 14,000k btu and came with or without simmer caps.

The simmer burner feature is great for cooking rice or cooked cereal. No boiling over! There are usually two porcelain drip pans with chrome handles under the burners to catch the crumbs or drips from cooking.

Ovens and broilers


constant pilots

These stoves have standard size ovens that are capable of cooking

a 30 lb turkey. They can have lower broilers and either a heater  that vents in the front or an additional oven. Oven doors may have window glass with a double layer separated by approximately 2 inches of airspace.The knob panel contains light switches so you can see the contents of the oven. O'Keefe and Merritt also designed a stove with a periscope that allows you to look into the oven from the backsplash.

  Handles Handles can be bakelight centers with chrome tips, solid chrome on smaller stoves, or solid bakelight with chrome insets.
  Clocks and lights The classic O'Keefe & Merritt clock housing is delightfully designed, holding the salt and pepper shakers, and shielding the light with a bell shaped chrome cover. Clocks can have red and white clock faces and timers to match. Culinary instructions are charming basic advice.



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