Restoring Your Stove        

Your classic stove can sparkle!

We provide a variety of options for restoring your stove. Without moving your stove, we will service, replace, rechrome and reporcelain your stove parts. Or, we can bring your stove into our shop, for a more extensive reconditioning service.

Stoves: Wedgewood, O'Keefe & Merritt, Occidental and other classic gas stoves

Stove restoration:

  • Reglaze porcelain spider grates and burner heads.
  • Rechrome griddles, stovetops, trim pieces, and handles.


Stove reconditioning:

  • Disassemble to frame. Steam clean range body.
  • Clean loose parts in a caustic soda solution.
  • Clean, wire brush, and lubricate valves, then re-pack with valve grease. Clean and/or replace tubing..
  • Repair stove as needed: checking thermostats, safeties, thermocouples, springs (Replacement parts extra).
  • Rewire lights and switches. Inspect wiring for clocks/timers and outlets.
  • Remove rust and repaint non-porcelain surfaces.
  • Reassemble stove.
  • Replace insulation with ceramic. Replace light bulbs.
  • Adjust pilot lights and burners for optimum functioning.
    Touch-up and detail work. Check for gas leaks.

    recalibratiion. Stove inspection



Customizing your stove:

  • Reglaze porcelain panels to new color.
  • Add window doors, change porcelain to chrome.

Our 90 Day Guarantee:

  • No gas leaks.
  • Ovens within 25 degrees of setting.
  • All doors open easily and shut flush.
  • All knobs turn easily.
  • All burners function properly and safely.
  • Electric lights function properly.

To book your stove:


Call our office at 510-420-8096 to get an estimate. Pricing depends on stove size/restoration.


If we work on your stove onsite, we will remove the parts and bring them back completed for installation.


    • If we work on your stove in our shop, we can provide loaners.

    • We require a 50% deposit at the time your stove enters the shop.
    • When the work is complete, we'll notify you and arrange for you to come and inspect the work done. Your satisfaction is our goal.

    • Following inspection, you pay the balance due and arrange for delivery. 





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