Wedgewood Stoves Stove top

Classic 50's Wedgewoods are 21.5, 30, 36 or 40 inches wide with milk white porcelain backsplashes containing either a:

  • clock

  • culinary instructions

  • emblem

  • light

or a combination of these.

The clock frame (with or with out a light fixture) may hold salt and pepper shakers made from porcelain.

Stove tops come with porcelain or chrome burner plates, with or without a griddle on smaller stoves. The burner heads are mades from cast iron, built to withstand heat. The front burner heads are 12,000k btu and the rear are 9,000k btu.

The simmer burner feature is a small aluminum burner set in the middle of the cast iron head for low heat cooking. It's great for cooking rice or cooked cereal. No boiling over!

There are two porcelain drip pans with chrome handles under the burners to catch crumbs or drips.


The griddle is a large metal plate with a burner under it that heats up the surface. The griddle is perfect for bacon, pancakes, and crepes. The griddle has an indentation around the edge that carries off excess grease into a tray that sits under the griddle and can be cleaned later.

The temperature knob is located on the front panel near the oven and other burner controls. Griddles may have a small thermostat which shows whether the griddle is hot and generally how high the heat is.


The handles are either completely chrome or have bakelight tips. The chrome handles have a bakelight trim piece between the handle and the door.


These stoves have standard size ovens that are capable of cooking a 30 lb turkey. The thermostat valves were manufactured by Robertshaw, still in business today, and Grayson, for pre-fifties stoves. Check your thermostat knob.

Broiler Wedgewoods have broilers located below the oven burner or in a side by side arrangement, left of the oven. Special Ember Glow broilers are perfect for steaks or vegetables. Broiler pans are two piece, with porcelain or chrome food surface and a lower porcelain drip pan.  
Special for 36" stoves   36" Wedgewoods have lower broilers and either a side heater or storage on the left or right. They can also have trash burners.  

Heaters for Wedgewoods function well, dispensing heat through a chrome vent from the side panel. The control knob sits on the panel in front near the burner knobs. They are usually placed on the left side of the stove, adjacent to the oven and broiler. Heaters must be vented.

  Trash Burner Trash burners are for burning small pieces of paper: trash. They are not for cooking with wood or other fuel. Wood cook stoves are heavy cast iron, built to tolerate high heat. Trash burners must be vented.  

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